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How to convince a married man to leave his wife for someone else?

I've been dating a married man with three children for three years. I want him to choose me over his ***** wife. I deserve him, not her. So how do I convince him to kick her out of our lives?How to convince a married man to leave his wife for someone else?
You again?

Forget it. If he hasn't left her by now, he's not going to. He doesn't sound like much of a prize anyway.

Do you really want a cheater?How to convince a married man to leave his wife for someone else?
He is never going to leave his wife and kids, wake up and smell the coffee. You are a beautiful woman and you would be a catch for any guy,therefore leave him. MM just like to have their cake and eat it too. You should know that this is not a man with the values a woman looks for, having had several affairs in the past. Don't put yourself down, walk with your head high and walk away, I firmly believe all of us will one day find what we are looking for from someone who will cherish us and give us 100% of his time as we deserve no less.
Im sorry, but HOW DO YOU SOUND? Like really? If he has not chose you yet, then that apparently means that he still has feelings for his wife. What your doing is stupid and ridiculous. If he really wanted you, he would have BEEN left his wife. So you must be something on the side. Not the real deal. Ya get me? He wants you, but he also wants his wife. He is a player, and you came into THEIR lives. So how can you kick her out ';your'; lives when you came into their lives first. I don't know what you should do, but I would just end it and try to find someone who is single, and have your own man. Not preying on someone else's.
Are you being serious. My advice would be break it off with him and find a guy whos single, your hurting yourself and his wife. Plus even if he was to split from his wife and marry you he may do the same to you further down the line as he has to his wife. Seriously he's not worth it and you could do better.
Ok home wrecker stay out of their marriage.And he's using you like the person said.Girls like you are nothing much.He is just using you for sex.and is only trying to make you feel special when you're not really.He loved hs wife before you.He still loves her if He's still with her.Even if he is being unfaithful.His wife will find out and you will be int trouble by her and her family.Sure he deserves a real home wrecker.One thing you guys got in common you're both easy.Have fun dying alone by 80.
umm are you dumb? he's not going to leave his wife. if you've been doing this for 3 years, and he hasn't done it yet, he's not going to. it's sad enought that he has 3 children and is married, and cheating on his wife. be the bigger person and stand up and doing something good.
I like how you are asking basically the same question you did a few hours ago:;鈥?/a>

And the only thing that needs to be ';kicked'; are hoebags like yourself. And where do you get off calling his wife a *****? She had him first, you should have ****** off. How stupid can you be.

Back off and get your own man before his wife and kids rips you apart.
well my advice is let it go if he hasnt left her yet then he never will..u deserve better not somone who will not give u ur he has children..and remember what he did to her in the means of cheating he will do to you in the future...ive seen it in my own family :( good luck!
thats horrible, you need to leave him and go find a single man. He is obviously not the man for you otherwise he wouldn't already be married.
Sorry, you don't. If he doesn't make that decision for himself, by himself he will just leave you later for her.
If he was ever going to choose you over her, he would have already.

He's trying to have his cake and eat it too.
You again?

Get off of Yahoo! Answers before you give us all herpes you whore.
honestly if he was gonna leave her he would. the fact that this has gone on 3 yrs means your just his side piece. oh by the way your a homewrecker
have freaky sex with him, until you are all he can think of... :D

Can a wife love her husband while getting advice from a matrimonial lawyer?

If a wife starts visiting a matrimonial lawyer to get advise on how to secure her rights, can she still be considered in love with her husband?

How likely is it that she still loves him?

Or is she staying married to him for reasons other than love?Can a wife love her husband while getting advice from a matrimonial lawyer?
Yes of course she loves her husband. There could be another reason to visit to the matrimonial lawyer. Being a wife I can say that a wife never wish bad for her husband. She loves her husband so much. Do'nt doubt on her love. Keep her in his faith. Faith is the second name of love. Keep faith on each other. Rest you can see at

http://www.love2arrange.comCan a wife love her husband while getting advice from a matrimonial lawyer?
Has she explained why she is going to the lawyer? That would make this much easier to answer. Usually couple both go to lawyers of any kind. Ask question, if she wont answer you, then something is up.
You can still love someone, but not the treatment that they give you.Who knows why she stays because no one knows the details but her.
she can be in love but be unhappy, maybe she loves him but just can't take how he is treating her or maybe she wants better. there are to many factors... maybe she doesn't love him.. hard to say with out details.
She can love him....maybe she feels he doesn't love her, and she is protecting herself...

How often should I do something nice for my wife?

I used to do nice things all the time, but she came to expect it and then nothing I did seemed to have any worth to her. Now I don't do anything, but every once in a blue moon I do something nice.

How often should I do something nice for my wife?How often should I do something nice for my wife?
At least once a month. When was the last time she did something nice for you? Do you take it for granted?How often should I do something nice for my wife?
It sounds like you want to do something really nice to make-up for the other times. I agree that you need to do little things that add up daily, but if she doesn't appreciate anything, there is something wrong there. I love anything my husband does for me even if it's laundry or cooking so I can take a break. Take her out to eat and talk with her about the issue of gift giving. My husband loves the fact that for Valentine's, I want to each give each other a card and then go in on something nice together (1-800-Flowers). We also go on a shopping spree together for Christmas and it's so much fun. We only buy what we truly want and don't waste any money.
i can understand how you feel. she should continue to show her appreciation to you. Maybe you could explain to her how you feel. It may be hard for her to understand but maybe you could say that just like she need to be continually told how good of a wife she is and a hard worker (just an example) you need to be shown appreciation for the sweet things that you do for her. being a girl i think i would like it more than once in a blue moon. even if it was once a month.
As often as you can. I'm not saying it should all be material (not so!!). Sure, flowers every once in awhile are nice, but women need more than gifts. Yeah, doing the dishes every once in awhile is FANTASTIC! But many women do not come to expect this. :)

The main thing you should do (and the nicest of all) is to always tell her you love her, give her your support and your ears.
Define nice. You can do small things every day that are ';nice'; and it doesn't put you out all that much. Try do do at least one little thing for her every day, if not a few, plan some big ones every couple weeks and look for times to do nice things for her on the spot.
I think maybe once a week because if you do it everyday eventually it will not be appreciated since she'll expect it. But, if you do it weekly or biweekly it will always be a nice thing.and she would appreciate it even more.
besides working to bring home the money that pays the mortgage, food bills, heat/ac, electric, vehicles. oh yeah, and helping the kids with their homework, baths, and bedtime stories so she can relax.

as often as she does nice things for you +1.
never, they won't appreciate it anyway. Every time I tried to be nice, I was always told in so many ways that it wasn't good enough. SO I QUIT. It's just another way to get an argument started and get your ego slammed.

Womens mental process is a laugh.
As often as you can. I would say daily. It doesn't have to be big each time. Leave a post-it on the mirror saying you love her etc...... Be creative and have fun with it.
you don't have to try to do something nice. Even cleaning the house for her or helping her in anything is doing something nice.
Depends on you. I would do it as often as you feel. There are not set rules of how often. If she has done something extra for you, then thank her.
How about taking the ';Love dare'; a 40 day Challenge?鈥?/a>
Every day. She should be nice to you every day too. It doesn't have to be a big event.

Edited to add: Eg. my husband already got a ';nice'; point this morning by handing me my towel over the top of the shower door so I could dry off where it was warm. That took all of 5 seconds.
Once a day. Every day. All day long.
3 times a year...Christmas, Birthday, %26amp; Valentines Day.
I would concentrate more on being nice to her rather than doing things nice for her. way to keep peace in your home!
everyday, if you want a happy marriage
Keep doing what your doing. to much seems like a coverup type thing but once in a blue moon keeps them on their toes.
just do one of her jobs for her so she doesn't have to do it like the laundry
well I see what your problem is spoiled bf think hes done the same with me...because when we first started going out he used to do all kinds of romatic things and took me out to really nice places..then it slowed down and it made me i thought he was loosing interest in the relatioship..but I changed too i think nag a little bit and complain or talk more open about his mistakes which i never did when we started going out...(like he used to be perfect)

But we know we both changed but our love hasnt and it gets stronger every we would go out to dinner like everyfriday...or if im feeling sad or bored he would do somehting special for bring flowers and things like that...romance should always be alive and you should try to do nice things for each other all the time...even the little things count..maybe have a talk with her and let her know that you love her, if you dont do a lot of nice things for her isnt because you dont love her, but tell her its because you want it to be special...

im sure if you explain she'll be happy to know how you feel..

good luck, and i think you are a good husband for making the effort.
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  • How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?

    Since women don't respect a man who can't support them, what is the average time that a man can be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and decides to divorce him?

    In my experience it was immediately after the man lost his job. But I assume all women won't divorce that quickly.How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?
    I was laid-off twice in 2008, the last time in early October. I have been trying to find a job everyday since. One week ago my gf broke up with me because she said, ';I can't take it anymore, I go to work everyday, and you do nothing';. Kinda funny that about 4 hours after she broke up with me, I was offered a decent job. And no, there will not be a reunion. If you'll kick me when I'm down, I don't need you when it's good.How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?
    I strongly disagree with your statement. I am on my second marriage-neither of my husbands supported me. I am perfectly capable of supporting myself and my children, which I did without any help for six years before I remarried.

    A marriage is supposed to be a partnership. Personally, I would not divorce a man just because he was unemployed. During my first marriage, I supported our family many times while my husband was not able to work. Yes, we divorced but not because he wasn't employed. We had more serious issues.

    I'm not saying I would sit back and do it all if my husband was purposely loafing around and doing nothing. If his unemployment was due to a job loss; I'd be supportive and try to help him find a job.
    It all depends, doesn't it or rather shouldn't it, if the man is trying to find another one? And was the loss of employment once or several times, and being his fault? A lot depends and for me, it was 10 years of fearing him walk in the door saying those awful words, ';I got fired today for fighting.'; I can't remember how many jobs he went through, but finally, I had no respect for him and the love just seem to evaporate. We have children together, and after 25 more years, the kids tell me he is still the same way; a new job every few months. Always wonder how he gets hired with such a terrible work record? He's a plumber, so maybe there's a shortage? Anyway, I don't hold any ill will toward him but always wished he would have grown up.
    My BF didn't bother looking for a job for 2 years. We lived together and I paid for all of the food. At times, I paid for everything and he would cook and clean. I left him not because he was unemployed, but because he was always depressed and angry every day about how he lost his job. I tried everything to cheer him up...and kick him in the *ss and tell him he can't afford the luxury of moping around. Eventually, his ATTITUDE drove me away and I had to leave him. We were never married but I loved him and really believed in him. I still love him.

    For any woman to leave a man who lost his job is really messed up. But some men are really lazy and arrogant. ';I think the woman should support the man';, my ex had said once.

    A woman truly in love will put up with just about anything. It could be that your neighbor's husband lost his 20th job or something. You assume correctly, all women will not divorce that quickly.
    A lot depends on both people and upon the strength of the marriage. If a woman refuses to work herself and she expects 100% of the income to come from him, then she may leave him if she won't get off her butt and find a job herself to help out the household.

    My husband and I were both gainfully employed. Within one year of the wedding, he lost his job. It took him about 5 months to find another job. It was tight and stressful, but I told him he would find something good and we would be OK. I never lost hope and I never left his side. We just had to tighten our belts and stay hopeful. Am I a saint. Absolutely not. It was part of my promise to him when we got married.
    If the guy is sitting on his back side not even trying to help the household, fair enough! Get rid of the guy really quick! All women don't ';just loose respect'; for their partner for not having a job. It really depends on what type of morals etc, she has been brought up with, and if he is genuine about looking for a job.
    if he doesnt go looking for a job within about 24 hrs of being laid off or losing his job is about right. society has no idea the burden men face not only at work but at home also. if the man is working but not making enough they are mad and if he doesnt work at all he is screwed lol but it is what it is. it is our job to be the provider and when we cant it makes them dettached from us.
    Just because the husband lost his job that his wife divorced him? This sounds most terrible. Where is the love and commitments? Do you think wives stay with their husbands just for the salaries they earn? I sure hope not.
    Just depends on how strong the relationship is with your wife. If your wife loves you, then she should support you through thick and thin.

    Best of luck to you.
    I think it depends on the strength of the woman. Honestly, a wife shouldn't divorce her husband because he lost his job. Obviously she did not take her vows seriously.
    About 1/10th the amount of time they would allow themselves to be unemployed.
    Depends how often her female friends are making remarks about her supporting a deadbeat.
    Depends on the relationship.... but if you're honestly trying and not just being a sorry husband, then I think she will/should support you.
    A month, tops.
    I have more respect for a man that can spell and use proper grammar than a man with or without a job.

    How do I cook something for my lovely wife?

    Are there any Filipino people out there who know how to make Sans Rival? I want to make it for my beautiful wife. I know that it is not easy!How do I cook something for my lovely wife?
    Sans Rival a very yummy layered dessert. Each layer is topped with a nice amount of icing like filling and cashews on top. This recipe is definitely for cashew lovers out there!


    12 egg whites

    2 cups white sugar

    1 teaspoon cream of tartar

    2 cups chopped cashews, toasted

    1 pound butter, softened

    12 egg yolks

    2 cups white sugar

    1 cup water

    2 tablespoons dark rum

    2 cups chopped cashews, toasted


    Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Line 4 - 8x12 inch pans with parchment paper.

    In a large glass or metal mixing bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Sprinkle with cream of tartar. Gradually add 2 cups white sugar, continuing to beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in 2 cups chopped nuts. Divide meringue between the 4 pans, and spread evenly to edges.

    Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until light golden brown. Remove the meringue from the baking pans while still hot; allow to cool. When cool, trim edges so that all 4 meringue layers are uniformly shaped. Set aside.

    To make buttercream filling: In a large bowl, Beat butter until light and fluffy. In a separate large bowl, whip egg yolks until thick and lemon colored.

    Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to a boil, and heat to 270 to 290 degrees F (132 to 143 degrees C), or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms hard but pliable threads. Add the hot syrup in a thin stream to the beaten egg yolks, while beating at high speed. Beat in the whipped butter until smooth. Beat in rum.

    On one layer of meringue, spread approximately 1/4 of the buttercream evenly to edges. Repeat layers until all is used.

    Smooth sides with spatula. Sprinkle top with 2 cups chopped cashews. Freeze until solid. To serve, cut 1 inch slices from the frozen dessert.


    Almonds or hazelnuts can be used in this recipe instead of cashews, and the buttercream can be flavored with any flavor of liqueur, coffee powder, or fruit jam.How do I cook something for my lovely wife?
    good luck! :)

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    Try searching the internet for some nice food
    What is she doing out of the kitchen in the first place??

    How to make a user account for my wife in Windows 7 where she can acces to all my folders ?

    My wife and I would like to have different accounts in our computer mainly because we want to personalize the appearance of the desk top etc. However, we would like each other to have access to each others folders. Is this possible when you create different user accounts ? Your help will be much appreciated.Thank you.How to make a user account for my wife in Windows 7 where she can acces to all my folders ?
    Go to the folder in your account, right click, and choose share with... Then choose your wife's account.How to make a user account for my wife in Windows 7 where she can acces to all my folders ?
    Go to the folder in your account, right click, and choose share with... Then choose your wife's account under specific people option.

    My wife ans I is planning a vacation to Iran?

    My wife ans I is planning a vacation to Iran?

    How are people there?

    Are they racism tords whites?

    My wife ans I is planning a vacation to Iran?
    we are white too MR.stop insulting US.

    My wife ans I is planning a vacation to Iran?
    -- We ARE white !

    -- to C,D1,x : 360 Degrees means a Circle , it means going back at the same point u were, You must use 180 degrees !

    -- Iranians are know for their Hospitality , And they Have Rich Culture , I'm Sure you would be Most Welcomed here!

    There would be no Racism Toward Foreigners , But Since Iran is not yet an open Country for tourism u must prepare yourself and your Wife for Accepting its rules during your Stay, For Example Women Must Wear Hijab while they are in Public !

    -- Iran Has so many Wonderfull Places to visit ,I'm Sure you Wold Enjoy your Stay.
    i shud say that this is going to be one of the decisions that u will never regret in ur life.iran is a wonderful country with amazing places in it.iranian people are well known for their hospitality.they never care about the skin colour coz they r muslims n u can never find racism about skinn colours in iran.i am ready to gurantee u that u will enjoy ur stay in iran.but if u have specific questions in mind u can email me n i will answer.hope it helped.

    I'm an Iranian and I live in Iran too.I really happy to answer these kinds of questions about my country!

    It's really great that you're coming here but we should be realistic.

    Iran's society has many different kinds of people I can divide them(or us!) in two groups one is people who support their country and government and others are people who are completely against it!

    I don't want to explain too much details so I think you understand that in Iran you will(if you come) face 2 groups which one of them is bad with america and one is not.

    BUT in my opinion Iranian people(mostly)are very kind and you will see a good hospitalize from them!

    I'm completely sure that Iranian people do like tourist.

    another thing iranian don't discriminate other skin colors!

    I think you should come and see what there is here in Iran instead of T.V and other mass meida and be sure no body won't hurt you!

    Dear firend

    be sure Iran is not the one which they explain to you . try , see , then you will tell them that they are wrong .

    A question has come to my mind , that is :

    '; when you are not aware of Iranian color , and can not

    recognize it from african countury , why do you want

    to come in Great Persia ? ';
    ppl are great.and 360 degrees different from what u think.

    no,they are not racism.why?

    and persian phoenix is right,they are white themself (but just persians not all of them).

    Beautiful, no racism towards black or white. A beautiful place everyone should visit!
    the people are every kind their...

    but its can da scary going their.....

    dont know all i know the peole are very kind

    Do U think iranians are black???!!or maybe green?!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

    hey be sure they r white %26amp; would never ever hurt U honey.
    Of all places, why Iran? There are hundreds of countries to choose from. If you want to visit the Middle East, try Qatar or the UAE.